Friday, 6 April 2018

New FTU kit - A Little Bit Spring

A Little Bit Spring

78 elements
24 papers

TOU update

Having received several emails recently asking for clarification of my terms of use,
I have decided to update and simplify them.

I truly hope this clarifies and simplifies things for everyone.
After all its just a hobby for most of us and its meant to be fun, no one needs 
the stress of keeping up with what they can and cannot do with this, that or the other
kit/designer so at least when you come here, you know my designs will always
be FREE and you can make what you like with them.


Terms of Use - update 6th April 2018

You may use my kits for pretty much whatever you like as long as it is not for 
monetary gain,  including (but not limited to) signature tags, cluster frames, 
tutorials, email stationery, blog designs etc...

Please do not claim my designs as your own, add to a collection for redistribution, 
offer  for download on webpages or send through groups.

Please do not rip my kits apart to make new kits

Tutorial writers please do not include in your supplies, please provide a link to 
my blog so others can download for themselves.

Thank you for taking the time to read my TOU, have fun!