Thursday, 1 March 2018

Downloading my kits

Hi there bloggers,

As I know quite a few of you have trouble downloading from 4shared now
I have uploaded all my kits to Mediafire as well.

A lot of you say there is no download button or too many download buttons on
4shared.  My first suggestion would be to install an ad blocker - I use the google
chrome ad blocker  extension and it filters out 99% of ads.
I have done also done a quick screenshot to hopefully help those that may be
confused by the many different buttons that appear.  If you dont have an ad
blocker  then the image below will look somewhat different but the main parts
should be the same.

click the image to see it full size
(please note some of the information on the screenshot
has been blurred for privacy reasons)

I have split my scrapkits page into 2 pages, A - M and M - Z
just click the 'Scrapkits' link above to be taken to the first page.

On each page you will see the thumbnails as before and can click on them to be
taken directly to the 4shared download, of if you would prefer you can now
click the corresponding Mediafire link underneath each thumbnail.

I hope this makes it easier for those that have trouble with 4shared.

Please note:  On occasion you may still get the link on both
4shared and Mediafire, There is nothing I can do about this as I do not
have the funds to pay for premium accounts,  if you just wait a few seconds
then you can skip the ads and continue to the download anyway.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you for your support
and continued downloading of my designs.  As always I love to see what you
make using my designs, so please feel free to contact me on my facebook page,
just click the stamp below.

New FTU kit - Olde Lucky

Olde Lucky

75 elements
4 frames
18 papers