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You may use my kits for pretty much whatever you like as long as it is not for monetary gain, including (but not limited to) signature tags, cluster frames, tutorials, email stationery, blog designs etc... Please do not claim my designs as your own, add to a collection for redistribution, offer for download on webpages or send through groups. Please do not rip my kits apart to make new kits
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Tuesday, 19 February 2019


So its been like 5 months since I last posted.  
Not really sure what happened - real life I spose!
My eldest started college in September and its been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for us all, and just as we thought he had settled in and was finding his feet, he discovered girls!!
He is absolutely besotted with this one girl and has been skipping classes to meet her, so we had to deal with that alongside the usual teenage angst, none of which is helped at all by me being on the opposite end of the hormone train, so both me and my son are cranky as heck and the rest of the house are walking on egg shells most of the time !!

In the middle of all that, Christmas came and went in a bit of a blur, and my mojo took an extended vacation so I haven't really created anything new for months, I have just been tagging over at my forum.
I did make some new masks last week, which can be found on my mask blog HERE and I have started a new scrapkit but its juts not coming together like I want so if anyone sees the mojo fairy can you please ask her to sprinkle some fairy dust my way,  Thanks!

So that's where I am at right now.  I haven't fallen off the planet - although there are days I fervently wish I could - and I will be back with some new goodies as soon as that fairy comes by.

Have a great day xx

Sunday, 23 September 2018

New FTU kit - Blue shores

So I started making this kit way back in the spring, 
I got so far with it and completely lost my mojo!!  don't you just
hate when that happens ?   Anyway, its been hanging around in 
my files ever since, I keep looking at it and trying to think what
else to add to it, and its just not happening, so figured its time 
to just zip it up and see if someone can make use of it!!

Blue Shores

47 elements
9 papers
3 frames


Saturday, 14 July 2018